Aldo Martins

A lightweight and colorful knit collection from Spain. They offer everything from dresses to cardigans, twin sets to turtlenecks. This collection is a HILDA favorite.
Prices start @ $145



Made in Turkey with yarns from Italy, these Angel sweaters offer a classic but updated look. Available in larger sizes.
Prices start @ $110



Made in Germany, Cambio offers jeans for the contemporary women. Their fabrics don’t lose their shape and their rise hits you an inch or two below the belly button. If you’re looking for Cambio’s current styles, give us a call. New for Cambio are trouser designs.
Prices start @ $195



This handwoven sweater collection contains blends of alpaca, cashmere, merino wools and cotton and is more like a jacket. Great as a lighter winter coat if you live where it’s warm and perfect even if you don’t.
Prices start @ $195



Known for crisp white blouses with a little stretch for comfort, Finley offers smart details and some fabulous prints. Check out their new division, “Couleur” which offers great color.
Prices start @ $155



Pronounced, “EVE-KO”, these ceremonial sweaters are hand made in Serbia. Ivko Sweaters are bright in color and cheerful to wear.
Prices start @ $175



Truly, a classic cashmere company, with updated trends for the conservative women. Let Kinross comfortably get you out of your “comfort zone”.
Prices start @ $230.


Repeat Cashmere

This sweater collection from Germany offers wool and cashmere blends for fall, and cottons for spring. But it’s the quality of their knitting that sets them apart from the others.
Prices for cotton starting @ $150 and for cashmere, $200



Beautiful, felted wool outerwear coats that stand the test of time.
Prices start @ $650


Did you ever think you could get excited about a “pull-on” pant? Well, we were pleasantly surprised and you will be too. Available in navy and chalk.
Prices start @ $125.

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